Some of the common approaches to be employed to advance public awareness and response against FGM in Mara, Manyara, Singida, Dodoma, and Arusha Regions.  

  1. To conduct special consultations with traditional, customary, and religious leaders together with other influential people in regions for awareness towards combating FGM.
  2. To conduct a technical meeting with Legal practitioners (paralegals, Advocates, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Social Welfare Offices, Police, Migration and Community Development officers, nurses) for strengthening coordination in prevention and response to FGM. Explaining to them why they should be part of the fight while encouraging them to be a part of the process.
  3. To conduct awareness meetings with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Faith Based organizations, and political figures such us members of parliament of the respective areas, councils, Regional Commissioner, and District Commissioners to rise political awareness and responsibility in fighting against violence FGM inclusively.
  4. Conduct special Radio and TV sessions for to majority of community members in order to create awareness in combating FGM in the predominant regions. In this area, we can prepare a program that addresses FGM, THE IMPACT, its VICTIMS, and how it affects children and young girls. Not just a short newsworthy material, but at least a weekly show starting from five minutes and above.
  5. Building new safe Houses in the areas where there are non, and strengthening service provision in the already existing safe houses in some regions. In this part, we try to move victims, from the area that practices FGM.

Provision of  Legal Aid and Psychosocial support services to the survivors and Victims of Violence of FGM. This can be done by mobilizing the victims; conducting common discussions, create more groups if the existing ones exceed 50, while explaining to them with them, how they can get benefit from the services, for those that can not afford and at the same time, finding programs that can offer services for free.

  1. Partnering with men and boys to transform social and gender norms to end female genital mutilation.
  • Engaging Men and Boys as positive change will help to change attitudes and behaviors that might be caused by FGM.
  • Involve Men and Boys to be part of promoting national-level policies and legislations protecting the rights of girls and women.
  • Let Men and boys be at the forefront in creating awareness raising, enabling a safe environment for women and girls, detecting, reporting, and fighting to end FGM.

 7- Bringing nurses together for the purposes of rejecting FGM in a bid to save young girls. Nurses should also use the opportunity to sensitize against FGM while they attend to pregnant during prenatal visits.

6- Prioritizing a program aimed at rescuing young girls and vulnerable groups, for example, those with disabilities by ensuring they are in safe houses in good time.